Gamecube and Wii - distinct Dolphin configuration files ?

  • Hello !

    In many cases we have to use the gamecube.configfile=dummy or wii.configfile=dummy flags in recalbox.conf, to be able to adapt the Dolphin controllers configuration and make this configuration persistent.

    Would be great if recalbox/configgen could handle distinct configurations for controllers when launching Wii Games vs when launching Gamecube Games.
    Even though the Dolphin emulator relies on 2 separate configuration files for Wiimotes and for GC controllers (WiimoteNew.ini ans GCPadNew.ini), both are loaded when launching a game. As a result, some Wii games are confused if both GC controllers AND Wiimotes are configured in Dolphin (for example one pad will control 2 players. One as a Wiimote and the other as a GC controller).

    Ideally, for each emulator (GC or WII) we should be able to point to a real configuration file in recalbox.conf, not a dummy name, and that configuration file would be the only one used by Dolphin.

    Hope that makes sense...

    Thanks for your amazing work on Recalbox ! The 6.2 release seems amazing (again !)

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