Is 6.1.1 unstable for PC ?

  • Hi, I recently wanted to try the recalbox project and installed it on an old tower of mine in order to make use of it. It is equipped with a 2.8GHz G6950 Pentium and no GPU, so while I didn't have much expectations, I am clearly disappointed by the fact that everything from the menu to the games runs very poorly, at maximum 3 fps (even something like the NES !).

    I am kinda in denial with thinking that my pc is just not enough, and while I never planned to go any further than the N64 I am pretty sure such configuration can do way better than that.
    To support that, while trying to find a similar issue on the forums i've read that the last recalbox isn't really well-optimised for PC.

    So, is recalbox really the culprit with very bad resource management and if yes, where could I find the image of an older, better-suited version, or if no, what would you recommend in order to have something that runs smoothly ?

    Thank you in advance for any helpful reply

  • Hi

    have you installed the 32bit version of Recalbox?

    I am running Recalbox 6.1.1 on my 13 years old Pentium3 and it is working flawlessely.

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