Resize the image of the games

  • Hi wanted to know if you can resize the image that represents each game, to put bigger and if you can remove the text describing the game. Thank you.

  • Hi Jorge, it is possible. In the "...Themes/YOURTHEME" Folder are any system Folders (example for GameBoy Color=...Themes/simplelight/gbc). There is a theme.xml inside that you can modify the Position and size. To get write access to this folder (Recalbox 4.0.0), lokk here Search for: image name="md_image" <pos xx xx pos> <size xx xx size> <maxsize xx xx maxsize> example <pos 0.12 0.2 pos> <size 0.7 0.7 size> <maxsize 0.7 0.7 maxsize> This entry replace or resize "only" the image. description and voting....i will have a look first, then i edit this reply. Sorry for my bad english greetings abunille EDIT: From the following positions (pos), replace 0.xx to 100.xx (then the Ratings, Players, Descriptions etc. goes out of the TV screen. I Dont know what happens, when you delete the text. Here is my example with 100.xx   <text name="md_lbl_rating"> <pos>100.176 100.21</pos> </text>   <text name="md_lbl_releasedate"> <pos>100.176 100.25</pos> </text>   <text name="md_lbl_developer"> <pos>100.176 100.29</pos> <size>0.133 0.04</size> </text>   <text name="md_lbl_publisher"> <pos>100.176 100.33</pos> <size>0.133 0.04</size> </text>   <text name="md_lbl_genre"> <pos>100.176 100.37</pos> </text>   <text name="md_lbl_players"> <pos>100.176 100.41</pos> </text>   <text name="md_lbl_lastplayed"> <pos>100.176 100.45</pos> </text>   <text name="md_lbl_playcount"> <pos>100.176 100.49</pos> </text>   <text name="md_lbl_favorite"> <pos>100.176 100.53</pos> </text>   <text name="md_favorite"> <pos>100.309 100.53</pos> </text>   <text name="md_playcount"> <pos>100.309 100.49</pos> </text>   <datetime name="md_lastplayed"> <pos>100.309 100.45</pos> </datetime>   <text name="md_players"> <pos>100.309 100.41</pos> </text>   <text name="md_genre"> <pos>100.309 100.37</pos> <size>0.24 0.04</size> </text>   <text name="md_publisher"> <pos>100.309 100.33</pos> <size>0.24 0.04</size> </text>   <text name="md_developer"> <pos>100.309 100.29</pos> <size>0.24 0.04</size> </text>   <datetime name="md_releasedate"> <pos>100.309 100.25</pos> </datetime>   <rating name="md_rating"> <pos>100.309 100.216</pos> <size>0.028 0.028</size> <filledPath>./../art/star_filled_spacing.svg</filledPath> <unfilledPath>./../art/star_hollow_3_spacing.svg</unfilledPath> </rating>   <text name="md_description"> <size>0.52 0.3</size> <pos>100.025 100.577</pos> </text>

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