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Neo Geo - Core/Romset Questions

  • Hello all, I am trying to figure out the best way to get NeoGeo working using a libretro core on Recalbox. I have a full MAME 0.78 romset that works great for MAME and the now default lr-mame2003 core. I also have a MAME 0.37b5 romset that worked great with imame4all back when that was used by default. I have a Neo Geo romset from an unknown version of mame. I cannot get more than a few roms to work with either libretro fba or libretro imame4all.   My first question: What is the complete list or cores that can be used for Neo Geo libretro emulation? Is it just "fba" and "imame4all" or can "mame2003" be used? If so, is "mame2003" the correct way to list it in the config file for "neogeo.core=" ?? My second question: Regardless of if the answer is to use the core "imame4all" or some how use "mame2003", how can I take my full mame romset (0.78 or 0.37b5) and sort out JUST the Neo Geo roms? Please don't just say to use Clrmamepro. If that is the answer, where do I find a DAT file with just Neo Geo roms? If it's a function of the software to use the full DAT and somehow isolate just Neo Geo stuff what are the steps to do this? If their is a different or easier way than using Clrmamepro I am all ears as well.   Thanks in advance for any help!   Eric

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    Hello Eric, yes of course I think you can use mame2003 as neogo.core, with the right name of course for mame2003 For the neo geo roms selection well there is no simple answer I think, I would simply advise you to do it manually, there are not that many neogeo games I would say 50 or so, at most 100. You can help yourself with a recent MameUI version on a PC wich would allow you, without any set, to display neogeo roms from menu options (based on internal DAT) Other than that, yes it would require .Dat or clrmamepro or both

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