Raspberry Pi 3b soft bricking after overclock

  • As soon as I set the pi to overclock it reboots and gets stuck on the Recalbox screen with the pac man ghosts and I can't do anything to make it boot but reflash the os. I tried letting it sit for 2 hrs but it never boots. I'm also using usb storage.

  • Tester

    Hello @Emufrontend

    The level of overclock you can apply on several RPI3 may be different from one to one, depending on tolerance of the chipsets and luck. For example mine (RPI3) brick at the max level of overclock but is OK at the penultimate level. Some may brick earlier.

    You can avoid to reflash the OS by editing the config.txt file into the /boot partition of the SD card and erasing the lines concerning overclock. If you boot successfully, go back to the overclock menu in ES and put it back to no-overclock (ES keep the info although no overclock is applied).

    Remember to have a good cooling and a good power supply when you play with overclock .

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