Odroid xu4 problems

  • So fresh install of recalbox I turn on the xu4 and get either a weird black screen thing going on or a very buggy splash screen. So then past that I have no sound once I get to the main screen. I have to go into audio move it from 0 to 100. Which dosent fix it. I have to then change the audio from auto to whatever the next choice is then back to auto to get sound. But everytime I restart the system I have to do this. Then today I found out when I load a game the game has no sound. How do I fix this?

  • Same thing here. Only black screen and fan is going crazy wile starting in 6.1. Never made it to the start screen or in the app.
    Installation via Etcher on a fresh formated eMMC 16 GB (Fat32)
    Deleted my perfect optimized 4.1 system for that...

    Any suggestions? Othwise I have to switch back to 4.1 is there an image available?

    #edit tried fresh formated eMMC 16 GB (NTFS) as well. Same bug - black screen only

  • Only option at the moment is to download Recalbox 6.0 , this is working fine with the Odroid. 6.1 and 6.1.1 have some Boot Partition problems with the droid.
    I had the same issue, for me 6.0 is running fine now.

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    Only sd boot works on odroid no emmc boot.

  • Can someone provide download link to Recalbox 6.0 ?
    Is there an archive available?

  • Ok, got it. You are right!! Recalbox 6.0 is working fine for Odroid emmc boot., while 6.1.1 is not

    Was woundering why Image of 6.0 is 293mb, while 6.1.1 is 430mb?!

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