[FREEPLAY-CM3] Recalbox 6.1

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    After a lot of work, i'm finally able to release a first version of recalbox 6.1 for the freeplay cm3 device. The freeplay cm3 device is probably the fastest open source handheld device, using the power of a raspberry 3 (in a compute model 3 form factor) for fantastic emulation power (this sentence is not sponsored :)). I do love it.

    First, i need to say a big, big thanks to the "freeplaytech guy". This would have not be possible without his support. I'd also like to thanks the "boxypixel guy" for his work and investment on the Freeplay shells, if you build a Freeplay device, you should take a look at those cases. I will also thanks the recalbox team for all the work involved in recalbox.

    Now, here is a few information about this release:

    • There is no know bugs, including working video snaps. It was not intensively tested thought.
    • The installation procedure is the same as vanilla recalbox.
    • There is a custom step when booting the device for the first time: you must power-on the device for at least 10 seconds, * then release the power switch (the green light won't light at all during this process). This is because custom boot stuff is being copied to the boot partition, and while on vanilla rpi devices it should reboot itself, this is not possible on the Freeplay.
    • The second boot will take some time (as on vanilla recalbox), as stuff are being setup.
    • The release use fbcp-ili9341 for rendering to the framebuffer, and target the (default) cropped screen size. Full-screen mod is not handled right now, but will come in the future.

    And the fun part: https://github.com/Cpasjuste/recalbox/releases

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    This machine looks amazing but expensive. However it looks like very few work has been done, why didn't you work directly with the team ?

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    Hi @ninjaw,

    If you compare files changes, yes it may seems little work have been done, but this is not the case at all. All lot of work was involved to get there 🙂 If you look at commit history, you'll see how much have been done (but you don't see all the testing/debugging, which is the biggest part). You also have the recalbox-hardware changes, the work on fbcp-ili and other non visible stuff.

    Else, i am indeed "working" with the team to merge the changes for the next (major) release.

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    Excellent, thanks for the details

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