Recalbox + Ambilight (hyperion)

  • Hey Guys!   At first thank you all for your help offerd here. I have often used the infos from this forum. But now to my Problem. I have a Pi2 with recalbox installed. It works totaly fine so far. I also use the Kodi build in recalbox veerrry often. And now I wanted to have ambilight in Kodi while watching tv/videos etc. In order to to so I have to do 3 thinks: 1. Set up the hardware (what I have succesfully done) 2. Activate the GPIO pins in Kodi. This should be done with a change in the config by adding the line

    <pre># Ambilight Modul aktivieren

    But with the Kodi from Recalbox I can only find the config for recalbox not for Kodi. So can someone tell me where I find the config or an alternate way to activate the gpio pins? 3. I have to install hyperion. Here I have no Idea how it is done so that it runs while running Kodi. So far I found some topics about hyperion here but nether helped me out with my problem or they are on france which I do not understand. I Hope you can help me.

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    Hi, Sorry but for now, no body work on hyperion integration in recalbox if I'm not mistaken :s. For french topic, you can replay in English if you doesn't understand somethink :s

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