USB Wireless Adapter for PS classic edition - 8BitDo

  • Hello Recalbox Team,

    This is my first post on your forum, I am writing in english to help the whole community even if I am french guy and what can I say.... , you've made an amazing OS, I love it. Many many thanks for your work, it's wonderful.

    I want just to tell you, recently I tested the USB Wireless Adapter for PS Classic from 8bitDo on Recalbox on RPI3B and it's workng well, just one thing if you want to configure your pad (an Xbox One S pad in my case) first for sure you need to pair with the dongle and then you have to push and keep pressing during 3 seconds SELECT button et UP on D-Pad (it's writtend down the 8bitDo documentation, several mode is available depend on the system)
    to be able to configure through ES your pad and it recognized like a XBOX 360 Controller. Just for your information, because I haven't seen any post about that dongle and I want to share my experiment to the community because it was not obvious for me the first time. I tested on 6.0 and 6.1 version

    Make Recalbox Great again Thanks a lot for your effort on this project.


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