6.x Issue booting with Joystick connected (x86)

  • I am having a boot issue but only when my joystick is plugged in - Grub error:
    Error: Couldn't terminate EFI Services.
    Failed to boot both default and fallback services.
    Press any key to continue...

    Pressing any key reverts back to Grub boot screen, If i select Recalbox again, it scrolls through normal linux type boot stuff but then complains about 'File not found' in a loop.

    I would just turn off EFI and boot legacy but for some reason it refuses to boot in Legacy mode ('Invalid partition table'). Dell Inspiron 5758 with latest BIOS (stripped down, main board and essential ancillaries only mounted in cabinet)

    Machine works fine if I plug joystick in after it has booted. Joystick interface is one of the basic single joystick, 12 button PCB ones available all over.

    Anyone have suggestions on how I might get around this?

  • Well, I managed to fix this issue. The fix is odd and probably specific to Dell machines but go into the BIOS and go to General -> Advanced Boot options, Untick Enable Legacy option ROMS

    Machine now boots fine with joystick connected....

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