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  • I nave two different issues, almost opposite. First: when the raspberry pi boots the tv is automatically redirect to the raspberry pi channel. Actually I've configured recalbox to boot directly to kodi, and kodi is configured to not let the tv change channel when kodi starts, but this configuration is ignored during boot (it works in other distributions like openelec for instance). The second issue is that when I do exit from kodi, back to emulationstation, my tv (a Samsung) lost the CEC signal and I have to manually switch to another source, the HDMI port where the raspberry pi is connected to. Basically it means that every time I switch from kodi to ES I'm forced to take the remote control and change source (from CEC to DVI). Is there any chance to have this fixed? Thanks for your great work. Massimo.

  • the second issue is because you've left switching CEC on, go into the Settings > Input Devices > Peripherals menu and disable the setting called something like "Make source inactive when exiting kodi" I can't help with the first 'cos I can't get kodi to autostart ­čś×

  • If you want Kodi to auto-start for the moment you can do the following: 1) Access a terminal by quitting emulationstation with F4 and then press ALT+F2. Alternatively login via SSH (e.g with putty) (username: root, password: recalboxroot). 2) type 'vi /root/.emulationstation/es_settings.cfg' 3) Navigate down to where it says '<bool name= ┬╗KodiStartup ┬╗ value= ┬╗false ┬╗ />' 4) Press insert on your keyboard 5) Change the value to 'true' 6) Press 'esc' 7) Type 'ZZ' (as in hold shift and press z twice - this should save the settings.) I've typed this from memory so please let me know if it doesn't work.

  • Worked a treat, thanks nickjd ­čÖé

  • Well, actually both solutions didn't work. Even disabling the setting you mentioned didn't solve since my TV, after few seconds, detects that the ANYNET source is switched off, and automatically changes source to HDMI2 (the port where Raspberry Pi is connected to). Also the settings in es_settings.cfg is already set to TRUE. Infact the recalbox already boots and launch kodi, but the CEC setting in KODI is probably not working while RECALBOX starts. ­čś×

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