connecting problems with putty when using wifi connection

  • hello,

    im using a raspberry pi 3b with recalbox 6.0. also im using the nespi+ case with the script installed to use the powerbutton/resetbutton and so on.

    cause the ethernet cabel is a "bad" option for me, i wanna use wifi instead to copy roms and play online. it doenst look nice, when the ethernet cable comes out infront of the nes case.

    ok, i disconnected the cable, took my wlan ssid and typed in the password. im connected. when i now try to connect with putty or with filezilla or something, i cant connect to my recalbox. even on my linux or windows pc, there is no recalbox in my network.

    i gave the recalbox a static ip via my fritzbox, so the ip dont change.

    now i dont know why it doesnt work. i hope someone can help me.

    thanks in advance 🙂

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