Getting rid of a loud custom video at startup

  • I recently bought a Recalbox emulation station online. Someone put an EXTREMELY loud video on the device that plays every time it starts up, scaring the living hell out of my cat and wife. Does anyone have any experience with getting rid of a custom video that someone put on a recalbox? The video is by someone named "mini cake tv" and it seems designed to destroy speakers and ears.

    For whatever it's worth, I have ssh access to the device (raspberry pi 3b+) and can see the root files of recalbox. I just can't figure out where the file or files are located that would let me kill this thing.

    Thanks for any help you can provide, sorry if this isn't the right place to ask.

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    @radnox There is no support in any way for versions other than the official one, especially illegally sold recalboxes, which is totally prohibited by recalbox licence.

    Install the official version if you want help.

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