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Feature Request: Auto Changing Emulators

  • I have a feature request..

    if a game doesn't load using the current emulator that is set in the Emulator Advanced Configuration menu, then it will automatically try the remaining emulators that are available before it breaks you out back to the main screen if none of the emulators work.

    For example. MAME has two Emulators in the Emulator Advanced Configuration menu. Some of my mame rom games will load with one of those two emulator options while other mame rom games will load with the other option.

    it would be great if it automatically tried all of them so that it prevents me from manually flipping from one to another.

  • Banned

    @tdelios or learn how to use mame because you're doing it totally wrong ?
    Start by reading arcade pages on the wiki...

    And anyway what you propose is pretty impossible to make.

  • @voljega I'm not doing it incorrectly. I did my research and there are some mame rom games that will work with only one mame emulator and not both, unless you know of a tool that can convert the rom zip file to work with a specific emulator of my choosing.

    As a developer I thought it would be possible to do. Since the rom game would not load under one emulator (and I hear that behind the scenes it throws an exception error) that the underlying code would continuously pick the next emulator in the Emulator Advanced Configuration menu of choices until one of them loads the game or it goes back to the main screen because none of the emulators would work.

  • Banned

    @tdelios once again no what you say about mame is wrong, you don't even seem to know what a mame romset is...

    So learn.

    And 'as a developer' ok man just do it then, recalbox team will gladly accept your commits.

    Everything is not as simple as it seem to the uninformed.

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