GPIO/360 controller mapping issue on XU4 ?

  • Hi there,

    Today I've started to made some modifications on the package mk_arcade_joystick_rpi to be able to use the GPIO on the XU4.

    It's seems ok, i'm able to use them directly to navigate in Recalbox (A, B, X, Y, Up, Down) but some buttons (start / select) are not working until I configure manually the controller from the Recalbox settings.

    Can you tell me how can I pre-set the controllers configurations to be able to use GPIO without having to configure it manually please ?
    Or at least can you explain me where and how are stored buttons mapping ?
    Sorry I'm new to Recalbox and I didn't find the information in the wiki.

    PS: I've the same issue with a wired XBOX 360 joypad over USB on Dragonblaze 6.0 on the XU4, the buttons start, select and hotkey are not working until I configure the controller manually from the settings but UP, DOWN, A and B buttons are working out of the box.

    Best regards,

  • Sorry for the double post..
    I've found what I was looking for in ~/.emulationstation/es_input.cfg

    I will finish the implementation in mk_arcade to be able to use the MCP23017 too, after that I will be able to provide the source code

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