3rd Party Wii U Pro Controller compatibility?

  • Hey all, loving Recalbox, but having an issue - I have 2 3rd party Wii U Pro controllers, but I can't get either to pair.

    I've tried pairing multiple times, disabling internal bluetooth and buying/using a 3rd party one (Orico BTA-403, confirmed good in wiki) but nothing works. I can't see the controller no matter what I try.

    Does anyone have a solution to this? The controllers pair with my Wii U without issue, so I'm thinking maybe they don't have the BT firmward internally to pair with anything else. I've ordered a mayflash Wii U wireless PC adapter to see if that works, but would much prefer a more low profile solution...


  • So I got the Mayflash adapter and it works great - my Wii U 3rd party controllers pair instantly and I can pair up to 4 in Dinput mode without issue.

    However in Dinput mode I can't program the Home button (as a Hotkey) in the controller setup. When it comes time to program it it just doesn't work. It does work in Xinput mode, but then I can only pair one controller.

    Currently I'm using button 10 (left analog stick push switch) as the hotkey, but this is less than ideal. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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