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Odroid xu4 Sound delay

  • hi - firsti hope my english os good enough to understand my Problem .

    I use a odroid xu4 to Play n64 games.

    with the emulator mupen - i have an delay wizh sound. means: sound is starting 1 or 2 sec. later. gameplay is good but with delay with sound not really nice. changed emulator zo libretro. Sound is synchron but sound starts after 20 seconds to mute allways with an intervall of 20 seconds again and again. seems to mute afterloading screens too. cant fix it with playing around libretro settings. cant find yt videos with examples if this is normal? is it normal that this problems pn n64 emulationa?

    thx 4 answers and sry 4 bad english

  • *up thx7

  • 😄 ? ......

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