Recalbox 7.0

White covers when browsing systems blaze

  • I'm using latest 6.0 stable
    Default theme
    Added roms to most systems

    This bug

    ES: no more white screen of death when VRAM is filled! Themers will finally be able to add 1080p background images

    I am still getting this problem, tested with different pi and sdcards etc.

    Using Samsung class 10 sdcard

    With exact same roms sdcard and pi using retropie this isn't an issue.

    Also people I'm friends with using dragon blaze 6.0 have exact same problem default theme using similar setup.

    Hope someone can fix in next update.

    I've tried lots of testing and the pi's I've tested are running stable temps.

    It happens when adding lots of roms for different systems.

    Also I have lots of free space on card over 10gb

    I can get it to replicate error just by going into each system browsing games after doing this for few minutes it seems to lag and run low on memory and covers start appearing white until reboot.

    Fresh install of latest image using etcher.

    NO system settings changed from default.

    Will happen everytime from reboot or off and on while browsing after minutes.

    Also tried other sdcards.

    This problem happens on random systems also just after lag has started.

    Hope I've provided enough info.

    If need more just ask.

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