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    I finished installing dragonblaze to my raspberry pi 3 and everything boots up but I seem to be having multiple issues. 1- I configure my dragonrise USB controls and get to the games menu and I notice there are only 6-7 emulators and then my controls stop working and I have to configure again. I am unable to select any of the game. 2- I tried the root method and enter password and login but when I get to the screen there is nothing there to change only the commands on the bottom. Can anyone help with this please? Thank you in advance.

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    @the-grand-puba Firstly, if you should post in the international area, because you are posting in English, the "Français" area is only posted in French.
    Second, I could not figure out what your problems were, apparently you did not even try to configure the control, nor did you have a lot of notion about the recalbox, since you're "questioning" the fact that the system "only has 6-7 emulators."
    Since I can not understand exactly what your problems are (consider that I do not speak English very well), I do not know if I can help you, but it seems that you need to read the manual to understand better:
    About joystick setup, it is in the manual, and if it is impossible to configure the controls with only the controls, you will need a keyboard to access the joystick setup menu.

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