Scraping Issues With 6.0 Latest Release

  • Fresh install and tried the scraping tool against roms of 6 different consoles (mame, nes, snes, psx, atari2600) using 'The GamesDB' and 'MAMEDB'. I tried both User Deciding Conflicts on/off

    'The GamesDB' didn't find any games at all and 'MAMEDB' looked like it was finding my mame games, but during the scraping process the information it was displaying on the screen for each mame game looked corrupted and the end result is that it didn't save any of the corrupted scraping it performed.

    I know the games in these 2 scraping sites are there because I have a backup copy from my 4.1 version.

    Can someone confirm if the scraping on the latest 6.0 is broken and if I use my backup gameslist and image folder on the 6.0 will work if I copy them over and not break anything?

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    Hello @tdelios
    scrap broken and disabled.

    use extern srapper like skraper or other.

  • @acris thx..

    can I use my backup gameslist and image folder from my 4.1 version?

  • Hello,
    Yes you can. They are the same

  • Thanks for this. I was having the same problem, and I thought I was doing something wrong.

  • If I use an external program to scrap how do I get the images to recalbox? I tried to drag and drop and nothing has worked.

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