[Recalbox 6.1+][Snap Videos] Thème ALEKFULL NX

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    @acris said in (THEME) ALEKFULL NX /// for Recalbox 18.03.16 +:

    Hello @fagnerpc

    To anticipate an updated theme for recalbox 6.1
    Some info New Core :

    New system! Uzebox on all systems (RetroArch core: libretro-uzem)
    New system! Amstrad GX4000 added with libretro's cap32 emulator
    New system! Apple IIGS on all systems (Standalone: GSplus 0.14)
    Pi 3A+ compatibility (Firmware bump)
    New system! Spectravideo added with libretro's bluemsx emulator
    New system! Sharp X1 added with libretro's xmil emulator
    New system! Palm added with libretro's mu emulator

    Hello @acris... thx for the feedback
    I updated the theme with the systems you mentioned, plus some systems for future updates

    • Added Apple II GS, Amstrad GX4000, Macintosh, OpenBor, Palm, Spectravideo, Uzebox and Sharp X1 systems;
    • Two new color options available: Blue and Black;
    • Code and images optimized for less use of Raspberry Pi Vram;
    • I changed standard color for Dark and arts resolution to 540p (options for 1080p, 720p and 900p remain available)

    alt text
    alt text

    Available here

  • Très beau theme.
    Baisser la résolution des images évite quelques pages blanches;
    Petite info, on peut baisser la résolution en gardant l'échelle mais aussi en compressant l'image sur sa longueur et garder la résolution verticale. (un peu comme les dvd vidéo en 16/9 où l'image est étirée).
    Notre oeil est beaucoup plus sensible à la résolution verticale.


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    Hello @fagnerpc

    Is it possible to have your optimized theme for gpi case 240p?

  • J'adore ce thème par contre écran noir au retour des jeux sous 6.1 alors que je n'ai pas ce soucis avec le thème recalbox. Une compatibilité en vue ?

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    Hi guys,
    I updated the theme with the new systems of the 6.1 update and added video snaps 🙂

    • Added Solarus, MSX Turbo R, NEC PC88, N64DD, Multivision systems;
    • Updated arts (30% of the arts was updated);
    • Support for video snaps 😉
    • Compatible with more than 150 systems: all Recalbox systems - including recent ones and custom systems.

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

    Available here

  • Awesome job, can someone include games collections lis 2 players, 4 players and all games in this theme?

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    thanks for update, my favorite theme 😄

  • Hello everyone,

    Thank you for you work @fagnerpc ! As a designer I have to say this is a clean job 🙂
    I am pretty new to the Recalbox world (my dad & mom builded me a ready-to-play bartop), so i'm actualy quite lost with all of this.

    The V.6 is working great, but the V.6.1 doesn't. When I select it from the menu, the loading screen never end... What I did :

    • Downloading your theme
    • Uncompressing it
    • Uploading the theme folder to my recalbox theme folder (with FTP SSH)
    • Selecting the theme on my recalbox menu
    • Waiting for the installation... but it never end (i waited more than 5min)

    What can I do ? Maybe I have the wrong update of Recalbox... ?

    If you need some help for designing new theme, this would be a pleasure to help !

    See ya, and thanks again !

  • I love it, thank you very much

  • Hey man! I have a question! It has support for 4:3 monitors? Thanks!

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