Recalbox 7.0

Overclocking the emulated system CPU (I.E. PSX)

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    I was using Retropie before giving Recalbox a try. As experiences go, the UX offered in RB is a much more polished, less brittle experience for regular users overall. And whoever had the bright idea to combine the "config" screen settings into the "menu" popup deserves a beer or two.

    Of course, all this comes with a few caveats and I believe I've run into one of them. In RetroPie there is an option to overclock the emulated CPU per game, (Default, pcsx_rearmed_psxclock = "57") but it doesn't appear to be available in the Recalbox build of the emulator. Was this dummied out or is it hidden (but available "under-the-hood") in the RB build of Retroarch?

  • Tester

    i think you can add this line in the config file retroarchcustom.cfg (i think it's in this file, otherwise in another config file)

  • @cissou Hey. Unfortunately, I had no luck, or rather no visible changes on extremes of 30-100 MHz when I added this command to "retroarchcustom.cfg", "retro-core-options.cfg", and the "GAME.opt" files. AFAIK, I think you add it to "retro-core-options.cfg" to enable this feature after I examined a Retropie build.

    Ah well, thanks for your help, but either I need to dig a little further or the default build of Recalbox doesn't support this experimental feature OOB.

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