Combine systems (minimize amount of systems)

  • Hi,

    I'd like to add cummulate games in each one folder/system as follows:

    Folder/system "megadrive":

    • Sega Megadrive games (.gen, .md,... files)
    • Sega Mega-CD games (.bin, . cue,... files)
    • Sega 32x games (.32x files)

    Folder/system "pcengine":

    • PC Engine games (.pce files)
    • PC Engine CD games (.bin, . cue,... files)
    • SuperGrafx games (.pce files)

    The reason I want to do this is that the theme I use needs too much RAM on Pi, if I activate too many systems. So I had to remove some systems to make ES running smoothly again.
    And as Mega-CD, 32x, PC Engine CD, etc. are only addons of main consoles, my idea was to cummulate them in these 2 "main systems" written above and solve the problem this way.

    It seems that emulator is the same for both systems and its sub-systems (add-ons), but I guess my plan won't work without any modification? Just tried SuperGrafx yet because of same file extension - this seems to work in folder "pcegine" though!

    Thanks for your help!

  • Theme moderator

    You can already add pcenginecd and supergrafx games to pcengine roms folder, they'll work as well. For sega games you'll need to edit es_system, i guess you'll have to set picodrive as core and add rom extensions for segacd/sega32.

  • @myst Seems you always have a solution 🙂 Works perfectly!
    Core didn't have to be changed for segacd/sega32, just had to add extensions.
    Thank you!

  • Theme moderator

    @lhari84 said in Combine systems (minimize amount of systems):

    Seems you always have a solution

    nop can't fix those memory issues with raspberry 😉

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