Recalbox 7.0

I don't have hotkey in NEO-GEO

  • Hi, first of all, sorry for my english. I've done a fresh install and I've don't changed any configuration, I have a bunch of different games and all are working OK. I can use the Hotkey in PSX, GB, Master System, ... I can use the Hotkey combination to save/load, and to quit the emulator and go back to EmuStation. I'm using a Dualshock 3. But in NEO-GEO and FBA the Hotkey is not working; i can play those arcade games but I can't save/load, which is sad. Do I have to remap it? How?   Thanks in advance.

  • Hello yep, it is not a bug, fba is using pifba as emulator. Pifba is not a retroarch core, but a standalone one. So you don't have access to retroarch's features on specials commands. If you are on rpi2, you can use FBA-Libretro which is a retroarch core. And for neogeo, you switch emulator on this emulator too, using your recalbox.conf file. There is a switch to modify used emulator.

  • Ok, I'll give it a try. Thanks.

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