Odroid C2 no sound and freeze

  • Hello everyone!

    I have installed the latest 18.07.13 Recalbox on my Odroid C2.
    I am using an BT USB Dongle (Orico BTA-403 with CSR8510 A10 chipset) to use my PS3 controllers.

    The start is very different to my RPi 3B/3B+ recalboxes (made around christmas 2018).

    See here:

    First there is a Recalbox logo, then only the sound of the video starts, then the video starts, get interrupted by logo-version.png, then the video continues and then the loading screen appears.

    Sometimes I also have no sound after the start as soon as ES is loaded.
    I can then go to sound settings and see that volume is set to 0% (instead if 100%).
    If I turn this to a higher value, I also have to switch the input from "auto" to HDMI and back.
    If I leave it at HDMI and restart I get freezes after it has restarted, no sound on ES and I want to switch it from HDMI back to auto.

    I already thought it might be a problem with the BT dongle, but setting audio to "hdmi" in the recalbox.conf doesnt work.
    Also the steps descriped here:
    doesnt work anymore on 4.1.

    The recalbox.conf is still a big questionmark as there are options I can set but recalbox doesnt use them.
    So if I place an own intro video and set system.splash.length=0
    to system.splash.length=16 then NOTHING changes.

    For me it looks like there are several config settings spread around the system and sometimes it takes what the user changed in recalbox.conf and sometime it just overwrite it with settings stored on a different place.

    I would be happy for any help.

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