Fresh Install Freezing / Unhandled Fault

  • Hello all, looking for some help because I am at a loss!
    I originally set up a system with Retropie but was having many issues with the system freezing, making it unusable. I ended up getting kicked out of the Emulation Station with the command prompt message:

    "Unhandled fault: alignment exception"

    I gave up and jumped ship to Recalbox. Using a new memory card, I booted a fresh install and after a minute or so of being idle at the main screen menu, the system froze and I got booted off to the same "Unhandled fault" message that I was getting with Retropie. I had done NO configuring at this point.

    My hardware is as follows:

    • Raspberry Pi Zero
    • Sandisk Ultra Micro SD HC 16gb
    • Official RP power adapter, 2.5amp
    • USB keyboard
    • USB SNES controller

    I have attempted this setup on 2 different Raspberry Pi Zeros and 2 different memory cards with the same result. ANY help or guidance would be appreciated!!

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