controller issues please help

  • Im at a loss i am trying to setup a dual arcade stick usb , one that is like a pandora box arcade..recalbox recognizes it as two seperate controllers. when i go to play a game the controller no longer works so i need to turn off the pi and reboot and now it doesnt recognize the controller even though it shows it in the input the controllers menu. i then tried a pluged in usb ps4 controller because my pi doesnt have blutooth its a rasperri pi 3, ES recognizes it and does the same thing as the arcade stick but it will always work in ES regardless. sometimes if i unplug the controller in an emulator it works..other times i can get anything to work .

    any feed back please.

  • i jus realize this might be on the wrong forum please move it accordingly my apologies.

  • Update im able to get the controllers to work now properly, my issue now is that everytime i enter a game or exit it i have to unplug then replug the arcade stick usb. but the ps4 is working properly via usb. any idea why i have to always unplug it going from after leaving or going to a game.


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