PSX very choppy no matter what game (Odroid C2 - Christmas Beta)

  • I'm getting about 20-35 FPS in PSX games no matter what game I play. I have tried about 5 different games. Does PSX emulation just not work well on the Odroid C2? From a quick Google search I found other people having the issue but not really any resolution.

    Is there anything I can do to resolve the issue? Im using a SanDisk ultra plus uhs-I SD card for the recalbox install and that is where the roms are as well. I am using this power supply.

    I tried all the overclock settings to see if any made a difference. I noticed no difference regardless of overclock setting.

    I am also experiening a "glitchy" splash screen Everytime I boot, not sure if that is related or not. But so far every emulator I have tried except PSX and N64 is working flawlessly.

    Anything I can try?

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    @sauromayne Odroid C2 isn't powerfull enough I guess

  • @voljega isn't Odroid C2 more powerful than a pi 3 yet it works fine on pi 3? I'm also confused because on the board compatibility page PSX is listed as working for Odroid c2

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    @sauromayne well C2 doesn't support Dreamcast because of lack of power where Pi3 manage to make it work a little so...

  • @voljega okay I get that but why would they mark PSX as working in the wiki if it's not. It must be working for somebody. It's literally unplayable for me. If I was a dev I would have never marked it as working in the state it's in for my device. I can't help but think there is some kind of issue other than the Odroid is not powerful enough

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    @sauromayne I thinkg you're one of the two or three persons to have ever use a C2 with Recalbox, not much people owns it, so it's also possible PSX has been marked as supported when integrating it, but never actually thorougly tested

    Do you have the bios ? you don't mention it

  • @voljega yeah I do have the bios in the share/bios directory. When I get home I will try it on stable and see if it's just an issue with the beta but if not I guess we will just conclude that it's not compatible since not sure what else I could try. Do you have any suggestions on a device that could run most PSX games? Also N64 would be a plus.

    Would a rpi 3 be good for those?

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    @sauromayne rpi3 runs 98% of psx games perfectly

    N64 is a little bit more of a hit and miss due to overall badvemulation of this system

  • @voljega and the 3b+ just got compatibility with this beta right? Would the 3b+ have noticibly better performance? Or should I just stay away from it since it's still in development

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    @sauromayne the pi3b+ will be more stable when overclocked but beside that it doesn't bring much more to the table...

    And I'm not using the beta so I don't know if overclocking for pi3b+ works yet.... Nd you won't be able to upgrade from beta to main version when it's released

  • @voljega I'm going to get a pi3 since it seems like the safest option for now. Thank you for your help!

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