Issues with downloaded ROMS

  • I have recently downloaded RecalBox to my RPi model 3B. I went to recalbox.local/ to transfer some files over. I have added a Ms. Pacman rom in a zip folder which I moved over to the MAME folder and I have moved over a zip folder with a Mother 2 smc file to the NES section.

    Whenever I load Ms. Pacman I just get a blank screen that I need to press the esc key to leave. And whenever I load Mother 2 I get a black screen that then kicks back to the NES rom selection menu. If anyone has advice on what I need to do for either of these I would greatly appreciate it, I have been trying to troubleshoot for the past few hours.

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    @iwilson3141 For Mame I suggest you read arcade page on the wiki.
    For the nes rom, try to use another emulator (while on the game press select on the controller)

  • Thank you for the response voljega, I have read the arcade page on the wiki and was able to get ms pacman working. I also was able to get mother 2 working after I realized it was SNES and NES.

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