Can't get rid of a corrupted DOS folder .

  • I had a Sherlock Holmes Game in my DOS folder and discovered that it was supported by scummvm, so I used WinSCP to edit the folder name by dropping the ".PC" and tried to move it to the scummvm folder. This didn't work however and now I've been unable to fix it.

    I can no longer connect with WinSCP which gives me the following error message: " Error listing directory '/recalbox/share/roms/dos/sherlock'."

    I can access the Recalbox Manager and go into the DOS ROMS folder, but all the Games just show as blue folder icons and I cannot open them and there is no option to edit or delete anything. The Sherlock folder shows up but I can't do anything with it. The games all run fine except for Sherlock which no longer shows up in the Recalbox front-end. Is there a way to correct this without restarting from scratch?

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    @erjeff access your recalbox through network

    Or try to access different folder through winscp like /recalbox/share/roms

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