Odroid: Can't mount both EMMC Share partition and SD at same time

  • Hi folks,

    I have an Odroid XU4. I have the image installed on a 64 GB EMMC, and plan to run my roms off of my SD card. That works just fine after selecting ANYEXTERNAL in ES's menu.

    However, I'd also like to be able to store video files on the Share partition of the EMMC for use with Kodi. When using the Kodi file manager, though, it appears I can only have either the Share partition or the SD card mounted, not both. (Whichever is available is according to the storage selector in ES).

    Anyone else having the problem? Is there something I'm doing wrong, or something I can do to get around this?

    Batocera had the same problem until I brought it up with one of the devs. Problem there, however, is that only about half the time after boot does both the SD and Share partition show up. The other half, one or the other won't mount. Was trying Recalbox to see if it was more stable when it comes to mounting these particular media.

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    Global moderator

    Hi, if you boot with eMMC, you can not use CD card.
    With system on eMMC, i recomman to put all ROMs on USB stick.

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