N64 ROMs not playing, zooming in?

  • Hi all, I've recently been setting my Raspberry Pi Model B up with Recalbox. I tried adding some N64 roms, and all four will not play; instead, when selected, the screen blacks out for ~5 or so seconds, then it goes back to a menu like it didn't run, but it's zoomed into it 4x... so it's zoomed way into the bottom left quadrant of the screen, necessitating a reboot. This is a fairly stock setup, the roms were made to run on Project64 I believe. Any ideas what the symbols mean, or what the issue may be?

  • Same issue here. Installed recalbox completely new after the upgrade to beat 14. Maybe there is the problem?

  • Are you using a rpi 1 ? N64 is on BETA only on rpi2.

  • N64 will play music but no actual game. I read somewhere that if you change the plugin to the 'rice' plugin it should help. But i dont know where the plugins are located. Any help? I have version 3.2.11 on a Pi 2. Thanks for any help.

  • Go on 3.3.0

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