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(S)NES mini controller can be used via Wii remote

  • Hey there.

    I have an unofficial Wiimote and it works fine with Recalbox 18.07.13 on my Rpi 3b+. Sometimes it indicates player number #1, but LEDs almost always blink. Another problems not detected 😃
    Also, I just bought the NES mini controller, connected it to Wiimote and tried it with Recalbox. And it works fine too! I guess, it's just a Wii classic controller with reduced number of buttons. The protocol is the same. Thus, I assume that the SNES classic gamepad will work fine too.

    I guess it will be useful for someone, so I think that would be great to update the wiki article

    P.S. BTW sorry for my bad English =D

  • Brand?Model?

    P.S. NES mini controller works smoothly with this adapter

  • @quemandoacromo said in (S)NES mini controller can be used via Wii remote:


    Brand/model of what? 😃

    • My Wiimote is a pirate clone of an original Wii Remote. Bluetooth detects it as "Nintendo RVL-CNT-01"
    • NES mini controller is official one. Brand: Nintendo, Model: CLV-002 😃
    • Bluetooth adapter is integrated in Raspberry Pi 3b+, I dunno what chip is used.

    I just connected the NES mini controller to Wiimote. And it worked fine for me. BTW Wiimote is still functional. For example, 1P can use Wiimote to control the game and 2P can do it with NES controller and vice versa 😃

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