Questions about the Hori wireless fighting commander

  • Hello friends anybody knows if a Hori Super Nintendo Classic Edition wireless fighting commander 6 button controller would be a good buy for me? I would play 4 (NeoGeo) 6 (SNES / DreamCast / MegaDrive) and 8 (PS1) button fighting games as well as 2D platformers and RPGs (mostly) thing is I am still a little hesitant to buy it because Hori labeled the shoulders and L and R while there are already L and R face buttons, I do not know if that is duplicated by hardware (hardwired) or software, if it is by software then I would not have any issue and I could use it no problem, anybody has or had one?

    This is the pad I want:

    The reasons to wanting this are that I have not a big budget for any other fighting commander, it is retro yet obscure being based on Hori's first fighting commander made for the PC engine while still having that SNES look and form factor and the fact that it is wireless with the added bonus of being a 6 button controller

    While I have not a MayFlash USB adapter I have a Wiimote so I plan to hook it up via my wiimote thanks to its Wii accessory connector

    If anybody has one, hooked it up to Recalbox and knows about my question I will thank you for your response, plus if you also talk about your experience with it it would be appreciated

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