Bluetooth Not Reconnecting Automatically

  • Running 4.1 on a Pi Zero W with a SNES30 gamepad running the latest firmware (4.1).

    The bluetooth screen kept causing a crash in Recalbox, so I paired my controlled manually using the instructions at

    This worked until I reboot the Pi. After that the controller wouldn't reconnect. Turned the controlled off and on, etc. If I SSH to the Pi, open bluetoothctl and tell it to connect there (connect followed by the MAC address of the gamepad) it connects right away.

    Next reboot, same issue. It's like it's not initiating a connection - I have to tell it to connect manually now.

    Any ideas / suggestions?

  • I have the same Problem with my wiimotes and RPi3b.
    No connection possible with the wizard but manualy works perfect until reboot.

    I tried it also on retropie. It works perfect with the same wiimotes but i want to use recalbox 🙂

    Plz help us 😞

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