Amiga600/1200 2player bartop arcade

  • All games are working but I can't control them, when I move joystick up it moves left and if I move left it goes right. I have 2 arcade setups with 6 buttons each. I tried to configure the .uae file but I don't know if it's here I should change things.

    please help

  • Banned

    @iggy2 you can't configure any control in this version, maybe in a future one.

    Now, your problem seems very odd, did you try using any other emulator to see how the joystick behave ? especially one using a standalone core like dreamcast or psp ?

    Because from what I see these could be one of these :

    • your joystick connections are rotated, but in that case if up is left, left should be down
    • you have shot circuit issues in your joystick

    It would also help if you could give the references of your joystick encoder

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