ODroid XU4 User running ORA 1.5, I checked everywhere on the Internet, and can't figure out why I'm just stuck with a black screen upon booting lr-Reicast.

  • This is copied from my post over on the RetroPie forums. Seeing as how it's had 43 views and no responses after bumping, I figured I'd try and see if maybe someone might know what's wrong and how to fix it over here.

    I put the BIOS files everywhere lr-Reicast supposedly looks on the XU4 (the opt folder path and the one in home/pigaming/BIOS/ is how I think it goes) and the , and the damn thing just starts with a black screen. No Dreamcast startup screen, no date/time setting that doesn't matter unless if you're playing Seaman (or some other obscure game that isn't coming to mind), nothing. I am at my wits' end. And what's dumb is that these big name Youtubers like ETA Prime, Simply Austin, and I think one of the other officially supported Youtubers by ORA don't even bother with a tutorial, because after all, if you just do everything like you're supposed to, it just works like it does in Windows, amirite? Why would someone need to maybe see how to run these games by a guy with a microphone worth jack who speaks good English, isn't stuck with an unregistered hypercam 2, has a huge following, and doesn't use that one trance song? I don't need a 30-minute tutorial, as some things just don't need explaining when it comes to the emulation/rom community (like the typical "don't pirate your roms even though people will do so anyways and I totally didn't do the same thing myself as I totally own dumping tools, guys," or people asking for links to stuff that Google does a better job of providing without someone opening themselves up to potential legal prosecution). All you need is a clear tutorial that deals with common pitfalls people may experience, for both those who are emulation enthusiasts who've been using them all of their lives, and the newcomers.

    To get the common questions out of the way, these games DID boot and play just fine on my desktop PC via nullDC and Demul, and even ReDream after a very helpful back and forth with the developer after trying out his latest version. The BIOS files DID work on those emulators. I even checked the CRC of the BIOS files, and they matched up with the official guide on Github.

    I mean, what am I doing wrong? Is Reicast just like this? Because all I remember it doing on my PC was crashing RetroArch to the desktop!

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    @silent_gunner your ramblings are nice and all but we are not the ORA forum, Recalbox has nothing to do with your questions

  • Yeah, except there is no ORA forum last I checked on their website. The Retropie forum isn't responding with anything helpful other than a link to the ORA discord. Makes me think that the oh-so-great Raspberry Pi/SBC community isn't so great and helpful as it claims to be.

    I figured maybe someone would be willing to help here, but the GIFT is in full effect here as well as everywhere else on the Internet, it seems. And people act like r/pcmasterrace is such a bad place when it at least will respond to issues people are having. I should have known that DC "support" (translation: runs OK, but with noticeable lag, is unable to be stretched to a 16:9 ratio (it's what I like, IDGAF what purists say), and only requires you to push one button to exit the emulator, which could fuck you over if you were to play a game like Shenmue 1/2, assuming those games even are playable on the XU4 to begin with!) was essentially "woo! we hit this milestone, but it's with compromises!"

    For me, it's either it supports most of the games within reason all the way (I mean, I'm just expecting it to be able to play CvS1 and 2, MVC2, Ikaruga, and some others for the most part, and those aren't exactly the most demanding games on the system. I'd understand Virtua Fighter 3, Dead or Alive 2, and the Sonic Adventure games to not be working at full speed).

    What also doesn't help is that Discord doesn't work like any other forum or website. You have to "Claim your Account" when all I use that account for is to ask questions about things that I run into problems with. I don't know how they made logging in and using a password so fucktarded.

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