Connection priority control bluetooth players

  • Good evening, I have two controllers 8bitdo one nes30 and other Fc30pro. He had matched the first nes30 and this afternoon I bought the Fc30pro. It always takes me as the controller nes30 first player and the second player Fc30pro. I want to change that configuration, the first player FC30 if connected and then the rest, as nes30 and Play 2 usb controller. It’s posible? Thank you. Excus me for my english

  • Hello, in emulationstation's options, you can choice each controller to assign to each player. input_options

  • Thanks for your answer, it helped me to play with three players the screenplay FBA. I have another question, if I assign hotkey to L3 button, I can not quit the game by pressing select + start. I can either exit by pressing L3 (Hotkey) + start, I have to press L3 (hotkey) + B to exit the menu and quit to go selecting retroarch. As I can fix that? I do not want to put the hotkey button on the Select button because there are some games that do not MAME and FBA select Enter coins   Thank you.

  • It is not a bug. Special commands are made with a combination of hotkey+other_key So you are mapping your hotkey on select, to exit, you will have to do select(hotkey)+start but you are mapping your hotkey on L3, you'll have to do L3+start to exit. Indeed, we recommend to use an other button than select as hotkey. If you are mapping hotkey on select (so select=coin + hotkey) you'll have problems to insert coins with arcade games. So L3 button=hotkey is a good choice. More informations about specials commands here :

  • thanks for your answer , I had mapped hotkey button on R3 and did not leave the emulator with R3 + start . but if L3 and start leaving and coins feature credits .

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