Odroid C2 issues and improvement

  • Hello everyone,

    first of all: I tested several RetroGaming stations and recalbox is the greatest "out of the box" feeling in my opinion.
    Thanks for all the time and great work invested so far!

    I have tested the latest recalbox image for my Odroid C2 and it works good.

    But I notice that the N64 emulator is a lot faster on my Raspberry Pi 3B. (sound stuttering at the C2 and game is a bit slower)
    The heat is also a lot more on the Odroid C2 which is odd because the C2 is a lot faster and should run faster or cooler at the same speed.

    BUT: I also compared the video output side by side from the Odroid and the Raspberry.
    The Odroid looks to be a much better resolution (aber 3-4 times better) but I cant find a way to reduce it.
    Its much more important for me to have a smooth gameplay then "high resolution" (which is on these retro games a even not that important).

    If I go ingame and using the Liberto emulator I can use the Hotkey + B button combination to change the resolution, but I cant notice any difference after that (nor at the resolution neither at the game play speed).

    Where can I change the video resolution?

    Second issue I noticed:
    I also tested Kodi which works a lot smoother compared to Raspberry and really great on th Odroid C2.
    But I cant install the addon "Vu+/Enigma" as a PVR client.
    After activating it at the System Options -> TV it automatically gets disabled and a message appears, that there is no PVR client enabled. (I also tested it on the Raspberry Pi 3B and it works there with no issues with the same settings).

    I appreciate any help and hint.
    Thanks a lot and thanks for this great software!

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