Screen flip 90 degrees for cocktail cabinet

  • Hi people. First time here, Let me give a very quick intro before I get to my question.

    I have built quite a few cocktail arcade machines (to sell), using the 60 in 1 JAMMA card, so obviously only familiar with MAME games and that particular card.

    I decided to make another one (to keep for ourselves), so I built the cab exactly the same way I always did, mounting the screen sideways on a 90 degree, because the JAMMA card takes care of the rest as long as you set the dip switches correctly for cocktail.

    Problem is that I intended to not use the JAMMA card this time. I have a laptop I din't use anymore, so I loaded Recalbox and some games on a USB stick and I started playing around with the settings to see how I can flip screen. I found (only on MAME so far) the dip switch settings and I can select çocktail'mode which indeed flips the screen over.

    The questions: Is there anywhere in Recalbox where I can actually tell it that the orientation of my screen is in "Verical" mode (90 degrees)???
    Is there games for other consoles (eg. NES) that have the ability to change the games to cocktail mode just like the MAME games?

    If all attempts to get this to do what I want fail, I might just go back to the JAMMA setup. I have already cutout the monitor hole (for sideways mounting) and have mounted it, so I would rather not waste my time and money by not using the tabletop.

    Thanks for any guidance and help here. Really appreciate it

  • Dear John

    For Mame and FBA Libretto games you can change the settings in Retroarch Menu.
    You access to this Menu by pressing Hotkey + B

    Choose Options and Cabinet in this section you can choose Cocktail or Upright

    You have to do this for each rom who supports cocktail Mode


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