BS Zelda no Densetsu Kodai no Sekiban Dai / Ancient Stone Tablets

  • Hello, today I downloaded the ROMS from the SataliteView released game "BS Zelda no Densetsu Kodai no Sekiban Dai" or "Ancient Stone Tablets" for SNES. The game consists of 4 ROMS, 4 chapters. Unfortunately, I now have the problem that the game is now almost 4 times in Recalbox available. (See image)
    alt text
    Unfortunately, when I start chapter 2, I lose all the items and I have to start completely from 0. So how do I make it so that in chapter 2 my progress made in it are in it? Otherwise you can only play the first chapter and that's it. I also can not stand it when I am in Week 2 to load the score of the Week 1 ROM. I really raced straight out, such a shit

  • You shouldn't open multiple topics for one problem. Also try to be a bit more friendly and less insulting to find more people who are willing to help. Less curse words for example could be helpful.

    Anyway, I'm guessing here, since I never tried to play such a multi rom game: simply renaming/copying the save files after completing one chapter could work, e.g. from "...chapter1.srm" to "...chapter2.srm". Or "xyz.state", depending on whether you are using built-in save games or emulator save states.

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