My lord retroboy,i have 2 questions here

  • hi,i have 2 questions here 1 .why the code which is downloaded  from this link      is different from the Github page    ?   2. some controller chips Including xin-mo controller have the same bug: when we play  cps1   cps2  game , the hotkey on select(coin in ) do not work~~  ps:plz pay more attention to English forums , thx

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    1 .why the code which is downloaded from this link is different from the Github page ?

    Oooops, catched ! This is because on beta it integrates full of maleware that come save your credit cards numbers. And the farmer bitcoin script for retroboy ! You understand that it would be wrong kind of it on github ...: s You understand the luxur car Retroboy consumes a lot of fiul and life to the bahamas is not given ...: :s Or else ... It is through this that it's a beta. The patches are deployed at some stolen, and the branch will be updated simultaneously with the release of the final version. 😛 As a reminder we are still officially under 3.2.11. Download this release and you see it's same to your link. Beta en release candidate is not in the same git.

    2. some controller chips Including xin-mo controller have the same bug: when we play cps1 cps2 game , the hotkey on select(coin in ) do not work~~

    At the beginning, Recalbox give you the possibility to use the gpio of raspberry for arcade controller and doesn't need to use xin-mo controller for that. Because they have a lot of ask for xin-mo compatiblity, one member of the community (and créator of raspicade distribution) make a pull request with support of xin-mo. Ian57 is not available now and i can't make patch for that. It's in the to-do list but doesn't reminder recalbox is a distribution for large no technophile community. Xin-mo is only for 1 or 2% for recalbox users today...

    ps:plz pay more attention to English forums , thx

    Hum.... Like you see, i'm french. (Sorry for my english by the way). Officialy, they have 4 people "active" in recalbox staff. All with job irl and contribute to this open source project. - Retroboy (DigitaLumberjack), the créator of recalbox (contribution in all the places ^^) - Rockaddicted, major contribution in github and make support in english and french forum and irc. - Mika, major contribution in github and make support in irc - Me, only support in irc and french forum (and help in other smaller things). - Acris, major contribution of support in french forum - All the members want to contribute to recalbox with who-to, tutoriel, pull request, translation, etc, etc, etc, etc, ...<3 ❤ ❤ ❤ Sorry but we can't for many reason help heavry body. today, you have something like 15 000 users of recalbox... In this 15 000 people something like 200 users contributes in recalbox with money (sorry but digital lumberjack is not in bahamas and he doesn't have a luxury care ^^), and with contribution in action for the distribution. we make all we can for help all the people but we can be in all the war... :/. Today, if a look your contribution, i see only questions and support needed. No support to other users. But when i look your question, your are note a newbie. Maybe you can replay to others english people. Look me. I'm at the beegening a simple user like you. And juste with reading the forum and (goode responses of community), read the wiki and, my small experience of recalbox, in can make support in 75% of classic problems of users....And believe me, it is not because I am French I do not work or that I am on strike and so I have time for that. ^^ Just because I like recalbox and I too want to contribute. So there is no point to open a topic with "my Lord retroboy". Gay is useless! = D Retroboy can't be in the forum to make the support and replay to you and to fix bug and contribut to recalbox. It's a human. not a robot;).

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