Move Recalbox to newer system (RPI2->RPI3)

  • Hello there!

    At the moment I am running Recalbox (latest version) on an old Raspberry Pi 2.
    Once Recalbox supports the new RPI3b+ I will buy on of these and move my system to that (or I may just buy a normal RPI3...), but it would be very nice to move all roms, settings, bios, game data and "scraping info" to the new system and not have to configure it once again from the beginning.

    Is this possible? What can be moved? Can I just move the /share/-folder on my old system to the new one and everything will work? Given that it is a different image for different generations of the Pi I am not sure

  • @stefankrantz you can Indeed save the whole share folder and restore it. But take care :

    • data must be restored once ES is closed (do this through the webmanager)
    • no idea how much customised your recalbox.conf, but there could be a few settings that differ between pi2 and pi3

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