Help in displaying the file name in emulator

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    I am looking for a person who would write to me the main emulator code which will show me the name of the file from which the game opens.
    An example is SCRAPER which shows us the name of the game and the * .zip file

    Please forgive me but my English is not good 😞

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    @astercholik why ? hat could be the use of that ?
    just decompress your files and/or delete your scrape if you want to see real names of the files ?

  • @voljega Thank you for your answer

    I would need this option to remove duplicate games/damaged roms. I currently have over 10,000 games that would make it easier to remove them from the disk. I've looked for a little recalbox and found the file names after entering the game file options but it takes a bit more time.

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