Is Zelda Classic compatibility possible?

  • Zelda Classic, for those who aren't familiar, is a remake of the first Legend of Zelda that also includes a quest editor and the ability to play custom quests. The quest editor's a seperate program that isn't really suited to what Recalbox sets out to do (and I can't see it controlling well with a gamepad anyway), but the game itself would seem to fit if making it work is possible. Unfortunately I don't know enough about the underlying codebase of either Recalbox or ZC to know if it's actually possible, especially considering the possible control complications. I believe every necessary function has at least a keyboard mapping by default, though.

  • My "not very linux savvy" answer is - NO. It will not work in in it's current form on a recalbox. The linux port is for x86 processors. It may be possible to recompile it yourself for ARM if the source is available to do so (not sure?). The problem is it would also have other OS dependencies that would also have to be available for ARM and would need to be added to the recalbox's OS for the app to function. Then you would need to add the functionality to emulationstation to launch the game and it's editor. So, if the source is publicly available it may be theoretically possible. It would take a lot of work to make it happen and the RPi or RPi2 you run it on would have to have enough ram and processing power to make it run fast enough to enjoy. Not sure if that is possible either.   I say it's a longshot at best. (you get it? Link's Longshot? I kill me...) 🙂   Eric

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