Amiga not booting

  • Hello everyone,

    Just been playing around with a whole new install of Recalbox and I've gotten everything working, except for the Amiga 600 and 1200. I've tried WHDLoad as well as ADF files to no avail. It starts to launch, goes black and then back to the menu.

    I'm trying it on an unaccelerated Pi3, all updates installed.

    Here is my launch script.

    I'd appreciate any help you may have for me here.

    Kind regards,


  • Banned

    Hello, did you generate the script after launching a game

    Because I see only : "Cannot startup logging system." in it

    Anyway, up to now 100% of the people who had your problem with Amiga was because their kickstart files were not well named (it should be exactly the same, upper and lower case included)

  • @voljega I thought of that. And I think they are good. I did get Pinball Dreams to boot as an adf on the 1200, so I'm thinking there might be some other issue going on.

    here's a link to the launch attempts with several games.

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