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Mame Sound problems

  • First of all I would like to thank the Recalbox Team for making a good distro for retrogaming. I’m having some problems in order to play some arcade games on mame. When I try to play them on Mame, there’s no sound or background music. The tested games were : – Toki – Gang Wars – Western Express – POW (Prisioners of War) I change the roms with many different sources, but has no luck...i test the same roms on retropie and they play fine Theres a way to change the version of Mame that cames along with Recalbox? Is there any way i can play this roms with sound? Sorry aboout the silly questions, but i`m beggineer on Raspberry World... Thanks in advance!

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    Hi You probably use Libretro Mame 0.37b5 and a lot of games have no sound. Try Libretro Mame 0.78

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    Yeah I can at least say that Toki and POW have sound on 0.78. If you want to try 0.78 go to subject about mame2003 n the french side of the forum and browse the subject you'll see the download from ironic containing the .so needed for that version

  • Hey, thank you very much i take the files and will try it!

  • Hi, I try this method..had sucess on put the emulators and the roms, but when i start the rom it goes black screen, and return to menu (On Both Mame 078 and Mame 0139 ( Im using the especific roms for the emulators), what i´m doing wrong? BTW: All Bios is in the especific folder, and Neo Geo Bios and PGM on Emulators Folders.. Thanks in Advance

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    Well it works for me on 78 ... (Roms and bios/drivers in mame directory) Did you add the line about mame078 in recallbox.conf ? Here is the full method from rockaddicted : On recalbox v3.3.0, to switch cores (on every systems) : – put your file with others cores in /usr/lib/libretro – edit you recalbox.conf file and add this line : mame.core=mame078 Recalbox will automatically switch on the new core when you will start a mame game. If you want to come back on imame4all (default core), erase/comment the added line in your recalbox.conf, or edit it like this mame.core=imame4all

  • Thanks, Voljega I try this method, but not work... Is trere a way you can send me your config files, or a package with all the files so i can do mine exactually like yours? thanks again.

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    I'll try to do that this weekend if I have any free time... check againt the conf file, i'll send you rom/bios

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