AMD A4-5000

  • Hi sorry for the noob question but I'm just so tired and frustrated at the moment.

    Over 10 years ago i started a project to built a Retro Arcade machine in a full size 6 button layout arcade cabinet. I got it operational on an old Intel P4 running AtomicFE, MAME and Fusion (SEGA). I have also tried various other system emulators. But over the years I've had kids and other commitments taking up my time and the scene has moved on a lot lol...

    Ideally I wanted to upgrade the system with something simple that could run various games/emulators using the standard 6 button layout or less.

    I did consider getting a Pi3 with a simple SD Card image but then i found a video of "Recalbox" on youtube being installed to a PC using USB stick.

    I had an AMD A4-5000 with on-board Radeon HD 8330 and 6GB ram. I was hoping this would be a great little machine to try but I can get into Recalbox then it runs stupid slow or crashes. I can only assume its not compatible???

    The videos on youtube make this software look exactly what I am after with easy updates and multiple emulator selection.

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    @tomowen there will be a big update in the future (no ETA, don't ask 🙂 ) wich should bring along much better compatibility with various x86 hardware, for now, it is a bit hit and miss

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