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  • Hello,   is it possible to split the roms in different subdirs inside the mame folder ? bg Michael

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    Yes, I dit it. But for roms wich use external bios (Neo Geo or PGM games for instance) you also have to copy those in the subfolders or they won't launch. They are a dozen of BIOS zip file in MAME, you can list them on the mamedb website under the BIOS category Actually Emulation Station treats each of your subfolders in the mame roms folder like the ./roms in a standard PC MAME install.

  • thx. anyone know a tool to split a romset by genre, system, ...  ? or is there a little how-to do this manual ? bg michael

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    Well you must help yourself with category files such as the one found there : Some GUI such as MameUI do that by themselves, too... If you want to do that for your Rapsberry Pi, you sadly have to program something to copy files in subfodlers. There is no existing tool which does that to my knowledge. MAME Content Manager (MCM) is designed to get rid of stuff, like delete all mahjong games, etc. See here: But it seems it only does that. I myself used a MAME GUI to create a favorites.ini file with subfolders for each genre, and then went to develop some tool to automatically extract rom zip files from a full romset and copy them to genre subfolders.

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    You can also look there, maybe there is something usefull :

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