Recalbox 7.0

A question about scraping and upgrading

  • Hello, Just a simple question: does upgrading to new version of Recalbox affects game lists? In other words, do I need to scrape everything once again when I upgrade to a new version?

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    Well even if it doesn't (I don't know) there are commands on the wiki to save your scrape and restore it.. so better safe than sorry 😉

  • if it is an update that is applied on the RPi itself, nothing is changed nor deleted from your games lists or roms. If the update is downloaded on your computer as a SD image and you flash it to your SD card in your PC then yes, you loose everything. I have been using recalbox v3.3.0 since beta 2 and have updated a few times thru to the current beta 9 and have never lost any data. These updates were downloaded and applied on the RPi itself while using recalbox. Hope that answers your question.   Eric

  • Yes, this was exactly what I was concerned about, thanks!

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